YAG* Ceramics for Laser Applications
*Yttrium Aluminum Garnet


YAG ceramics (polycrystalline) have many advantages over single-crystal YAG, and are expected to be widely used in solid-state lasers.
In general, ceramics are less transparent than single crystals because scattering sources tend to remain.
JX Metals has succeeded in manufacturing YAG with a high transmittance equivalent to that of a single crystal using a unique manufacturing method.
YAG is a garnet-structured crystal composed of a composite oxide of yttrium and aluminum.

Application Examples

High-power lasers
Laser processing

Benefits for Customers

  • Compared with single crystals, YAG ceramics (polycrystalline), whose transmittance is equivalent to that of single crystals, have the following advantages:
    • ・High mass-productivity
    • ・Large-size medium (up to 6 inches)
    • ・Easy to bond other materials or YAG with other dopants
    • ・Homogeneous dopant concentration
    • ・High dopant concentration (up to Nd: 4at%)
JX’s YAG ceramics lineup
6 inch φ Yb:YAG
Yb:YAG & Cr4+:YAG composite
Nd:Nd:YAG & Cr4+:YAG composite
for Q-switched laser

Laser Oscillation Test of YAG Ceramics

  • Successfully achieved laser oscillation with same slope efficiency as single crystal

Transmittance of YAG Ceramics

  • High transparency (84.0%/cm w/ Fresnel reflection), equivalent to that of single crystals

Transmittance Spectrum of Yb:YAG Ceramics


Are Yb and Nd the only possible dopants?

Dopants other than Yb and Nd can be considered, so please feel free to contact us.

Why is it difficult to manufacture YAG ceramics?

One of the challenges in producing YAG ceramics is that grain boundaries, impurities, and voids cause scattering loss, which reduces transmittance.
We have achieved a transmittance equivalent to a single crystal by minimizing the scattering factor by utilizing the unique technology cultivated in the development of ceramics so far.

What kind of applications are you considering?

We are investigating various applications, such as laser oscillation and amplification, and use as a strong transparent material.

Are YAG samples available?

We are considering providing samples upon request, so please feel free to contact us.

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