High-temperature Sintering Cu Fine Powder


We provide submicron- (nano-)size copper powders by utilizing the powder manufacturing technology, sintering and firing technology, and surface treatment technology that we have cultivated over many years in sputtering targets.
Our original surface treatment controls sintering properties and oxidation prevention while providing excellent dispersibility. In addition, by optimizing the sintering conditions, low resistance (high thermal conductivity) and high shear strength can be obtained.
Unlike silver, copper powder does not have problems such as migration, and is highly reliable (for thermal cycle and power cycle) in bonding.

Application Example

  • A submicron-sized Cu powder that can be sintered at high temperatures and considered for simultaneous firing with ceramics.
  • JX Cu powder can be considered for applications that require high-temperature sintering and fine wiring.

Benefits for Customers

Resistivity of Sintered Cu (N2Atmosphere)

Type H-1 Type H-2
Resistivity(μΩ・cm) 2.7 1.9

Sintering behavior of Cu paste

Features of JX Cu Fine Powder

  • We offer a wide range of particle sizes.
  • We can also propose different sintering temperatures depending on the application.

Representative examples of high-temperature sintering type JX Cu fine powder.

If you desire a particular size, please contact us.


Do you support custom grain sizes and sintering temperatures?

It is possible to consider grain sizes, sintering temperatures, etc. according to your requests. Please contact us.

What kind of applications are you envisioning?

Conductive paste for LTCC is anticipated, but we are also considering other applications, so please feel free to contact us.

Are samples available?

We offer samples upon request.

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