Privacy Policy

JX Metals Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "JX Metals") and JX Metals Corporation Group (hereinafter collectively referred to as "JX Metals Group") have established the following privacy policy for the treatment of personal information within JX Metals Group. JX Metals Group will comply with this policy as well as the Law on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan (hereinafter referred to as the "Personal Information Protection Law") and other related laws and ordinances. For more information about JX Metals Group, please visit the JX Metals website (

1.Acquisition of Personal Information

JX Metals Group will properly acquire personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use of such personal information.

2.Purposes of Use of Personal Information

JX Metals Group will use personal information only within the scope of the purposes stated below and the purposes separately notified or announced, unless otherwise authorized by laws and ordinances.

  1. (1)For contact / responses to business partners (including personal customers and businesses that may become business partners; hereinafter the same shall apply) regarding work / transactions
  2. (2)To propose and notify, give information about, and provide products and services to business partners
  3. (3)To carry out subcontracted work in cases where JX Metals Group receives the provision of products or services from a business partner or is entrusted with handling of personal information
  4. (4)To plan, research and develop, and improve the products or services of JX Metals Group
  5. (5)To respond to legal obligations or demands (including reports to domestic and international regulatory bureaus, judicial / administrative agencies, and stock exchanges and responding to audits thereof)

3.Safety Management Measures

JX Metals Group will take the following measures that are necessary and appropriate to prevent divulgence, loss, impairment, and any other mistreatment of Personal Data.

(Formulation of Basic Policy)

In order to ensure the proper handling of Personal Data, JX Metals Group has formulated this privacy policy concerning matters such as "compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law, other related laws and ordinances, and guidelines" and "points of contact for questions and complaints."

(Establishment of Personal Data Handling Rules)

JX Metals Group has formulated regulations regarding the handling methods, responsible persons, their duties, and other items related to the handing of Personal Data for each stage, including acquisition, use, storage, provision, and deletion and disposal of Personal Data.

(Institutional Safety Management Measures)

In addition to appointing a person responsible for the handling of Personal Data, JX Metals Group has clarified the employees who handle Personal Data and the scope of Personal Data handled by such employees according to the type, content, and importance of the Personal Data handled. JX Metals Group has also established a system for reporting to the person responsible when employees detect any violation of laws or handling regulations, or signs thereof.

(Personnel Safety Management Measures)

JX Metals Group provides employees with necessary and appropriate training on matters they should keep in mind regarding the handling of Personal Data. In addition, matters concerning confidentiality of Personal Data are set out in the handling regulations.

(Physical Safety Management Measures)

In areas where Personal Data is handled, JX Metals Group monitors the entry into and exit of employees from relevant rooms as well as restricts the equipment and other devices they bring in, alongside implementing measures for preventing unauthorized persons from accessing Personal Data. In addition, JX Metals Group takes measures to prevent theft or loss of equipment with Personal Data, electronic media, and documents, and implements measures to ensure Personal Data is not easily identified when such equipment, electronic media, and documents are carried around, including their transfer within the office.

(Technical Safety Management Measures)

JX Metals Group controls access to Personal Data in order to limit the scope of persons in charge and of personal information databases that are handled. In addition, JX Metals Group has mechanisms in place for protecting information systems that handle Personal Data from unauthorized external access or unauthorized software.

4.Provision to Third Parties

JX Metals Group will not provide personal information to any third parties unless prior consent is obtained from the principal identified by the relevant personal information, or unless provision of personal information is based on laws and ordinances or is otherwise authorized by law.


JX Metals Group may outsource all or part of the handling of Personal Data to outside service providers. In such cases, JX Metals Group will supervise all outsourced service providers as necessary and appropriate.

6.Joint Use

There may be cases where members of JX Metals Group jointly use Personal Data, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and all other items that are held by members of JX Metals Group, within the scope of the purposes of use stated in "2. Purposes of Use of Personal Information" above.
In addition, within the scope of said purposes of use, JX Metals Group may jointly use with ENEOS Holdings, Inc. the aforementioned Personal Data held by JX Metals Group.
In both cases, the person responsible for management of Personal Data is JX Metals Corporation.

7.Request for Notice concerning the Purpose of Use, Disclosure, Amendment to and Suspension of Use of Personal Data

If JX Metals Group is requested from a person to disclose, amend, add, delete or suspend the use of or cancel, or stop providing to any third party or give notice concerning the purpose of use of, his/her Personal Data held by JX Metals Group pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Law, JX Metals Group will confirm that such person who made such request is the person of the relevant personal information and respond to such request properly in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law. Contact details for inquiries are set out below.


In the case of any inquiry regarding this privacy policy or any treatment thereunder, or for any filing of complaints, please contact the following:

(1)Inquiries to JX Metals

(2)Inquiries to other companies in the JX Metals Group

Please contact the respective company. If you inquire at the location listed above in (1), please be aware we may forward your inquiry to the respective Group company.

9.Amendment to this Privacy Policy

JX Metals Group may modify this privacy policy as necessary, and any such modification will be posted on this website.

Personal information on this website

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1.Collection of personal information:

In line with the outlined purpose and in accordance with using this website's services, we may ask users for the following information. A user's personal information will not be used for any reason other than its intended purpose of use.

  1. (1)The user's name, email address, zip code, address, telephone number, etc.
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3.Use of user access logs:

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5.Transmission security:

To protect users' personal information, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used by the following services on this website.

  1. (1)Online inquiry forms

6.Changes to personal information protection policies and notice of changes:

These policies may be changed in part or in whole. Notice of any changes will be posted on this website.