AMPERTEC® High-Purity Chlorides (TANIOBIS)

Application Examples

TaCl5 layer on silicon
Tinted glass

Value Proposition

  • AMPERTEC® Chlorides are the purest chlorides available in the market with the purity grade of up to 99.999 % on a large scale!
  • Larger particle size results in:
    • ・Improved material flow characteristics
    • ・Less dust formation
    • ・Improved storage stability
    • ・Lower rate of hydrolysis

Powder Portfolio

  • We offer TaCl5, NbCl5, WCl6, MoCl5 and WOCl4 with different purity levels.
  • Furthermore, TANIOBIS offers customized powder compositions upon request.
TaCl5Purity Min.Physical Characteristics
High Purity Grade99.93% Particle Size: <3mm
Description: white crystals
Melting point: 216℃
Highest Purity Grade99.995%
Semiconductor Grade99.999%
NbCl5Purity Min.Physical Characteristics
High Purity Grade99.93% Particle Size: <3mm
Description: yellow crystals
Melting point: 204℃
Highest Purity Grade99.995%

Vapor Pressure of Chlorides versus Temperature

AMPERTEC® Chlorides
Purity Min.Physical Characteristics
WCl699.9%Particle Size: <2mm
Description: black-violet crystals
Melting point: 282℃
MoCl599.9%Particle Size: <2mm
Description: black crystals
Melting point: 194℃
WOCl4 99.9% Particle Size: <2mm
Description: orange crystals
Melting point: 211℃

Application Methods

  • CVD/ALD deposition of metal, oxide, nitride and carbide layers
  • CVD/ALD precursor synthesis
  • Flame pyrolysis
  • Sol-gel
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Catalysis


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