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Mg2Si Single Crystal for Infrared Detectors


Mg2Si (magnesium silicide) single crystal is a semiconductor material that can detect a wide range of wavelengths, from visible light (VIS) to near infrared (NIR) and shortwave infrared (SWIR), and is expected to be used for various sensors.

Application Examples

  • Industrial inspection cameras
    (contamination, quality, crop evaluation, etc.)
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Blood glucose level sensors
  • LiDAR

Image of contamination inspection

Benefits for Customers

  • IR sensors using InGaAs have high performance with high cost, but those using Mg2Si are expected to achieve a balance between performance and cost.
  • Mg2Si is expected to have higher detection sensitivity (D*) than Ge.
  • Mg2Si can detect a wider range of wavelengths extending to longer wavelengths than Si.
  • Sensors using Mg2Si can enable simple device structures with a P/N junction fabricated by thermal diffusion.
Detection wavelength and detection sensitivity of various infrared sensor materials

Features of Mg2Si Single Crystal

  • Mg2Si single crystal can be used as a single material to detect a wide range of wavelengths from visible light to near-infrared and shortwave infrared.
  • Mg2Si can easily control carrier concentration and P/N type by thermal diffusion.
  • The raw materials are readily available, and large, high quality single crystals can be expected to be grown.
  • JX Metals is working with Ibaraki University to develop Mg2Si single crystals and reduce the cost of sensors and devices.


Are samples available?

We are in the process of development, but depending on the form of supply, we may be able to accommodate your needs, so please contact us.

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