High-Purity Metals


We provide various kinds of high-purity metals, applying our proprietary smelting and refining technology to minimize impurities that can impair metal properties such as conductivity.

Application Examples

High-Purity Cu for Wire Bonding

Benefits for Customers

  • High-purity copper contains fewer impurities such as O,S,P,Fe and Pb. Therefore, JX’s 6N-Cu has low resistivity.
Impact of impurities on Cu Resistivity

Features of High-Purity Metals

  • Improvement in conductivity
  • Improvement in corrosion resistance
  • Improvement in processing characteristics (brittleness, ductility)
  • Improvement in controllability by additional elements
    (magnetic properties, oxidation resistance, mechanical properties)

Product List

We also accept inquiries about elements other than those listed in periodic table.


What kind of shapes are available?

We will respond to customer requests.

What is the minimum purchase unit?

We can handle orders from several dozen g to several hundred kg.

Can you handle items not listed in the table?

We welcome consultations, so please feel free to contact us.

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