Rutile Single Crystals
(Furuuchi Chemical)


This product has excellent crystal defect suppression and single crystallinity, and carrier concentration and transmittance can be controlled by doping.
It is expected to be applied to polarizing materials such as optical isolators.

Application Examples

  • Rutile single crystals play an important role as polarizing materials in applications such as optical isolators.

Merits for Customers

  • Carrier concentration and transmittance can be controlled by Nb or La doping.
  • Our rutile single crystals have low crystal defects and superior uniformities of monocrystalline and optical properties that can be applied to various kinds of optical components.

Features of Rutile Single Crystals


Doping Amount and Carrier Concentration

Transmittance of Rutile Substrate


What sizes are available?

10mm × 10 mm is standard. Contact us for details.

Are Nb and La the only elements that can be doped?

Nb is the standard, but please contact us to discuss the possibility of doping other elements as well.

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