Tab Leads for Pouch Type Battery


JX's original Ni plating has superior corrosion resistance compared with general Ni plating. Also, we apply eco-friendly Cr-free treatment.

Application Examples

Tab leads are used as electrical lead wires of Pouch type battery.

Benefits for Customers

High Corrosion Resistance

*Electrolyte dipping test result

① Surface observation - 4w after

② Peel test of Anode

JX’s Tab leads show superior corrosion resistance

*Test condition Electrolyte:1mol/L LiPF6 EC:DMC:DEC(1:1:1v/v%)、+H₂O 1,000ppm、Temp.: 80℃

Features of JX’s Tab leads

Stable Supply Chain

Stable delivery and quality due to integrated production


Adapt to possible Cr regulation in the future


What are the unique selling points of this plating?

Superior corrosion resistance and eco-friendly Cr-free treatment.

Can you provide samples?

Yes, contact us to discuss specifications and quantity.

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