Niobium Precursors for Battery Applications(TANIOBIS)

Application Example

  • Coating materials, e.g. for niobium based coating of cathodes for solid state batteries
  • Doping of cathode active materials and solid electrolytes
  • Mixed oxide anode materials:
    • Niobium titanium oxide
    • Niobium tungsten oxide

Portfolio and Advantages

Jet-milled Niobium Pentoxides

  • Fine particle size:
    improved blending with other powders
  • Ceramic grade:
    high surface area >5m2/g,
    D50 <0,7μm
  • SPT Grade: high purity of (99.995%), D50 <1.3μm

Nb2O5 3N Ceramic Grade

Niobium Oxihydrates

  • 30-60% water content (Nb2O5・xH2O or Nb(OH)5・yH2O)
  • Non-calcined, highly reactive Nb precursors
  • Low temperature treatment results in amorphous phase
  • High surface area, easily dispersible in water

Niobium Oxihydrate

Water Soluble Niobium Oxalates

  • Soluble in water, no organic solvents necessary
  • Atomic-scale blending with aqueous solution of other metals
  • Niobium Ammonium Oxalate Powder (NAmOx)
    • White powder
    • Appr. 20% niobium content
    • Solubility 40g/l niobium@20°C
  • Aqueous niobium oxalate solution
    • Clear solution
    • Density 1,25g/cm3
    • Niobium content 150g/l niobium
  • Also available: tantalum oxalate solution
  • Other water-soluble niobium and tantalum compounds available in R&D sampling stage

Niobium Ethoxide

  • Suitable for solvent-based coating solutions
  • Co-solution with other ethoxides (i.e. Li-ethoxide) possible
  • Forms very thin layers of amorphous Nb2O5 / LiNbO3 after drying/hydrolysis;
  • Well-established for Cathode Active Material-coatings for all solid state Li Ion Batteries (LIB)

Niobium Ethoxide Sample


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