JX Metals Group Lithium-ion Battery (LiB) Activities
-Centralized Promotion of Material Development and Recycling-

  • Established Battery Materials and Recycling Promotion Office in August 2021
  • Consolidate in-house battery-related resources and build a system to centrally promote battery material development and LiB recycling
  • In addition to accelerating commercialization, pursue synergies such as improving the quality of recycled materials by utilizing our knowledge of material development and technological development with a view to the entire supply chain.

Material development: Development of various materials for next-generation LiBs and Solid-state battery

LiB recycling: Recovery of rare metals contained in LiBs (Ni, Co, Li, etc.) and reuse in automotive LiBs

As a future image of automotive LiB recycling,
we are working to realize closed loop recycling within the JX Metals Group

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