Extremely High-Strength Copper Titanium Foil C1995-GSH
for Auto-focus camera module


Employing advanced thickness control techniques developed in the manufacture of treated rolled copper foil for flexible printed circuits, we have developed extremely high-strength Copper Titanium foil with outstanding properties including strength, electrical conductivity, fatigue resistance, and thermal resistance.
This product has the world's highest tensile strength of any copper alloy foil, at 1,540 MPa, and contributes to improved reliability of camera modules for smartphones as a spring material for lens support.

Application Examples

FPC connector

Benefits for Customers

Extremely high-strength Copper Titanium alloy foil C1995-GSH, which has even higher strength and fatigue properties than the conventional Copper Titanium foil C1990-GSH, contributes to improving the reliability of superior spring properties and module strength.

Features of Copper Titanium Foil Chemical composition : C1995 Cu-4.0%Ti / C1990 Cu-3.0%Ti

Alloy C1995-GSH C1990-GSH
Standard thickness 27.5µm~
(Aiming for even thinner foils !)
In mass production:27.5µm~

Extremely high strength can be achieved by controlling microstructure at nano scale level (<100 nm) using JX's core rolling technology.

Stress Relaxation Property of Copper Titanium


What are the results of adoption?

The product is under evaluation by customers.

What are the differences from conventional products?

By further enhancing JX's core rolling technology, the strength and fatigue properties of this foil have been greatly improved compared to the conventional C1990-GSH.

Are samples available?

Yes. Please contact us for details of thickness and quantity.

Is bending processing possible?

The product can be used for general punching applications. However, bending is also possible depending on the bending radius, angle, and plate thickness. We also have a lineup of Copper Titanium products, which offer an excellent balance between bend formability and strength. Please contact us for details.

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