Ultra-thin Corson Alloy Foil


Started mass production of thin foil Corson alloy: 40μm
Wider range of product thicknesses than before

Application Examples

CPU socket pin
BtoB connector

Benefits for Customers

  • 40μmt Corson alloys minimize size of connectors and reduce material usage

Strength and conductivity equivalent to existing thickness

NKC164E-EH C7025-TM04S NKC286-EH
Yield strength
700 790 820
Electrical conductivity
55 50 40
  • Lineup: 3 types of products with various characteristics
  • Supports further thinning and thinning of other products
  • The world's most confident supplier of high-performance thin foil materials

Features of Ultra-thin Corson Alloy Foil

  • 40μmt Corson alloys enable even complex and severe bending

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