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C1990-GSH (CP)
Copper-Plated High Strength Copper Titanium Foil


Copper plating on conventional copper titanium foil C1990-GSH improves solder wettability and corrosion resistance.

Application Examples

Benefits for Customers

  • Copper-plated copper titanium foil significantly improves solder wettability, contributing to higher assembly yields and reliability of camera modules.
  • Even with Cu plating as thin as a few tenths of a micron, solder wettability is greatly improved, and has no affect on the thickness of the material.
  • Cu plating increases corrosion resistance.

Improved solder wettability

Features of C1990-GSH(CP)

  • Along with high spring properties and high reliabilities of copper titanium foil, copper plating improves solder wettability and corrosion resistance.
    By thickening copper plating, electrical conductivity can be increased as well.

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