High Strength and High Electrical Conductivity Corson Alloy
NKC8738 / NKC4419(HC)


We have developed a new Corson alloy with higher strength and conductivity than conventional Corson alloys by utilizing the Corson alloy manufacturing technology we have cultivated over many years and optimizing chemical composition and manufacturing conditions. It contributes to the miniaturization and higher density of electronic components such as connector terminals, CPU sockets, and lead frames, as well as the suppression of heat generation.

Feature of NKC8738 Chemical composition : Cu-3.55%Ni-0.25%Co-0.87%Si

Standard thickness
  • NKC8738-ESH has the strength needed for springs and higher electrical conductivity than that of conventional Corson alloy.
    It contributes to achieving larger numbers of pins and narrower pitches in connectors and CPU sockets.
  • NKC8738-SH has excellent bend formability comparable to conventional alloys and can be formed into complex shapes.

W-shaped 90-degree bending test
in B.W., R/t=2
(Coupon size: 10 mm wide, 0.20 mm thick)

Features of NKC4419(HC) Chemical composition : Cu-1.9%Co-0.44%Si

Standard thickness
  • NKC4419(HC) has the highest electrical conductivity among the Corson alloys and helps to suppress heat generation and achieve higher current in small connectors.
  • NKC4419(HC) has excellent bend formability and can easily be integrally molded with resin for applications such as connectors.

W-shaped 90-degree bending test
in B.W., R/t=0
(Coupon size: 10 mm wide, 0.06 mm thick)

Drawability (Erichsen Test)

Control Temperature Rise by Using High-Conductivity Corson Alloys


What are the results of adoption?

NKC8738 has been adopted for connectors.
NKC4419HC is under evaluation by customers.

What are the differences from conventional products?

NKC8738 has improved electrical conductivity compared to the conventional NKC388, while maintaining its strength. NKC4419HC has improved conductivity and drawability compared to the conventional NKC4419.

Are samples available?

Yes. Please contact us for details of thickness and quantity.

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