Architectured Materials Additive Process Optimisation Technology (Alloyed)


Proprietary alloy and process design techniques provide next-generation performance for metal parts. We provide our partners and clients with customized solutions to their metal parts challenges. Alloyed Limited provides the technology expertise and experience you need,
from customized alloy development for conventional processes and metal Additive Manufacturing to metal Additive Manufacturing process optimization and process control, as well as metal parts manufacturing.

Application Examples

Medical Implants
Heat-Sink for LED Headlight
Radiator for Motor Sports
Luxury Watch Strap

Alloyed Solutions

  • Engine® and Architect® software platforms for additive manufacturing optimisation
  • Production support for your Additive Manufacturing
  • Advanced geometric design development for a component with superior performance
  • Optimisation of Additive Manufacturing for lightweight parts and cost competitive production

Alloyed Technology Stack

Engine®:software platform for voxel-by-voxel control of path and energy of laser in additive processes

Architect®:toolkit for design of high-complexity parts

Optimisation of manufacturing data for increased productivity
To maximise build volume usage, increase laser productivity, and reduce post-processing

Application development for Additive Manufacturing
Ultra-complex component design for multi-functionality, light-weighting, cost, and performance


What kind of services do you offer?

We offer a variety of services, from designing parts with complex structures such as lattices unique to Additive Manufacturing and prototyping.

Do you provide only services related to Additive Manufacturing?

In addition to Additive Manufacturing, we also provide services related to manufacturing methods such as optimization of heat treatment conditions for existing manufacturing methods such as casting.

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