Negative Thermal Expansion Material: ZrW2O8


We are developing ZrW2O8, a negative thermal expansion material that shrinks when heated. It is expected to contribute to improved reliability by alleviating thermal stress in electronic equipment and heat-generating parts used in environments with temperature changes.

Application Examples

Benefits for Customers

  • Since ZrW2O8 has negative thermal expansion property, the thermal expansion of composite materials with ZrW2O8 can be relaxed.
  • ZrW2O8 can be mixed with both organic and inorganic substances.
  • Since the coefficient of thermal expansion is proportional to the mixing ratio of ZrW2O8 when ZrW2O8 is dispersed properly, the coefficient of thermal expansion can be controlled easily.
  • ZrW2O8 shows negative thermal expansion property in a wide temperature range.
  • Development of finer particle is on going for higher dispersibility.

Effect Image of ZrW2O8 Mixed with Organic Substrate

Reduction of thermal stress by mixing ZrW2O8 in components with high CTE.

CTE: Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

TMA Measurement Result of Epoxy Resin with ZrW2O8

CTE reduction effect of ZrW2O8 has been confirmed.

Negative Thermal Expansion Property of ZrW2O8

TMA Measurement Result*


PhaseCTE (ppm/K)Temp. Range (℃)
α-phase-9~ 155
α→β phase change-155 ~ 180
β-phase-4180 ~

*) Measured with a green compact(density:65%)

Mechanism of Negative Thermal Expansion

Oxygen atoms (O), which bind Zr and W atoms, make “pivot” motion with a rise of temperature, and cause shrinkages of lattice distances.


Are ZrW2O8 samples available?

We are considering proposing samples upon request. Please feel free to contact us.

What kind of applications are you considering?

ZrW2O8 is being considered for various applications including semiconductor packaging materials such as sealing materials, structures used in high- and low-temperature environments, and adhesives joining dissimilar materials.

Is it a conductive material?

It is an electrically insulating material and can be considered as a filler for materials that require insulation.

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