Via Filling Paste for Thermal Release /
Low Specific Resistance and High Reliability Ag Bonding Wire
(TATSUTA Electric Wire and Cable Co., Ltd.)


Via Filling Paste for Thermal Release(AE Series)

Tatsuta AE conductive paste generates stable electrical conductivity and has high heat-release performance.
Void-less filling can be achieved because these pastes contain no solvents. They have been adopted as thermal-release material for high-density mounting PCBs, high-speed communication PCBs, etc.

Ag Bonding Wire (AGXVS)

Using our unique formulation, AGXVS combines lower specific resistance than Au wire with high long-term reliability. AGXVS is an ideal alternative to Au wire, with electrical characteristics that respond to the increasing speed of devices and very high long-term reliability.

Application Examples

AE Series <Conductive Type>

PCB for Mobile, Server, Optical Transceiver, etc.


3D Multilayer Chip

Customer Merits of AE Series <Conductive Type>

  • High heat resistance and thermal conductivity.
  • Solvent-free formulation prevents voiding and improves workability.
  • Excellent adhesion on various base materials.
  • Contribution to high-density routing and/or multi-layer build-up.

Features of AE Series <Conductive Type>

AE SeriesAE1750AE2500AE7332
FillerAg coated Cu
1,200 - 1,800
Volume Resistivity
(Representative value)
Thermal Conductivity

※ Laser Flash

Customer Merits of AGXVS

  • AGXVS wires contribute to high speed operation of devices and high density wire bonding in semiconductors due to lower specific resistance compared to conventional Au wires.
  • Reliability HTS150℃X1000h is proven.
  • Dramatic cost reductions can be achieved by replacing Au wire.
  • As AGXVS’s softness is very close to Au wire, it can be processed in a very wide bonding window.
  • Compared to conventional copper wire, Ag wire is less prone to oxidation during processing, and it can be used for the complex bonding required for pkg stacking, such as BSOB and SSB.

Features of AGXVS

AGXVS4NAu WireAg96% Wire
Specific Resistance
×10-8 Ω・m
Breaking Load

Via Filling Paste for Thermal Release
(AE Series)

What are the applications of Tatsuta AE conductive paste?

High-density mounting PCBs, high-speed communication PCBs, etc.

What else is in your paste lineup?

We have a wide range of pastes to meet the various needs of customers.

Can you provide samples?

Yes, please contact us.

What is the price?

Please contact us.

What is the recommended printing method?

We recommend screen-printing.

FAQ Bonding Wire

Has AGXVS been adopted for mass production?

AGXVS is very new, but major IDMs have already decided to introduce AGXVS to their packages.

What are the differences from general Ag alloy wire?

The specific resistance is much lower than conventional Ag alloy wire, and long-term reliability with Al pads, which is known as a weak point of conventional Ag alloy wire, is proven.

Can you provide samples?

Yes, please contact us.

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