Under development

ED Copper Foil with High EF (Etch Factor) for Subtractive Etching


Enables rectangular circuit formation by subtractive etching of copper foil (without copper plating).

Application Examples

Excellent performance as a copper foil for inner layers of multilayer boards, build-up boards, button-plated circuits, etc.

Benefits for Customers

  • High EF ➡ Good impedance control with rectangular cross section
  • High EF × fine line ➡ Lighter weight and lower cost due to reduced number of layers
  • High EF × thick foil ➡ Improved heat dissipation by increasing the cross-sectional area
  • Lower cost with subtractive etching

Current Development Stage

  • In laboratory-scale development stage.
  • Provision of samples to be discussed on request.
  • High volume production expected around FY2026.
Item Contents
Foil type & thicknesses ED foil 9 ~ 70 μm
Foil properties Roughness, peel strength, mechanical properties, reliability, etc. are equivalent to conventional foils’

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