Copper Foil for Fine Pitch & High Frequency Performance “BHM Treatment”

Application Examples

Benefits for Customers

  • BHM exhibits high frequency & fine pitch (under L/S=25/25µm) as well as good FPC reliability.
    BHM can be applied with HA, HA-V2, HG, and JXEFL.

Image of L/S=20/20µm
Pitch Circuits

Performance of BHM Treatment for High-Speed Transmission

BHM treatment is excellent for high transfer speed applications due to its surface and low magnetic metal.

Features of BHM

  • BHM is a treatment which can be etched faster and achieve a high etching factor (EF).
  • The combination of BHM and HG base foil is the most suitable for leading-edge fine line applications.
  • BHM achieves high-frequency performance by lessening the amount of magnetic metals. At the same time, BHM maintains good FPC reliability.

Mechanism of High Etching Factor (EF)

FPC reliability test of BHM treatment

BHM Treatment for FPC for High-Frequency & High-Speed Transmission


What are examples of applications?

BHM surface treatment can be applied to Cu foils for FPC use. We have experience in high-frequency applications and fine-pitch circuit patterning uses.

What are the differences from competing products?

FPCs with this treatment enable a high etch factor and high-frequency performance.

What makes the treatment capable of performing its function?

BHM achieves high performance with smaller amounts of magnetic metals and lower surface roughness.

Can you provide samples?

Yes, we can provide stand-alone samples of copper foil, but please note that it will be used as part of a copper clad laminate in actual usage.

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