Electro-Deposited Copper Foil for FPC “JXEFL Series”


  • ・An annealable copper foil with high elongation and top-class bendability as electro-deposited copper. Fine nodulation on the smooth surface of the base foil.
  • ・Excellent peel strength for base film, despite low roughness.

Application Examples

Benefits for Customers

  • JXEFL has larger grains than normal ED foil, and fewer grain boundaries mean less risk of cracking.
  • JX offers both RA and ED copper foils for FPCs and can suggest the best solution for the customer.
  • JX offers various thickness of foil to meet a range of customer requirements.

Grain Structure -Cross Section of Cu foil-

Various thickness lineup

Features of JXEFL

  • JX can suggest suitable surface treatment to match customer’s request.

Nodule Side SEM

Transmission Loss


What are examples of applications?

The JXEFL series has widely been adopted in FPCs for electronic devices. For high-frequency applications, the electro-deposited copper foil has been used in combination with LCP.

What are the differences from competing products?

JX offers various thicknesses. The foil offers top-class bendability and better high-frequency performance as electro-deposited copper.

What makes the foil capable of performing its function?

Larger grains than normal ED foil and fewer grain boundaries mean less risk of cracking. Fine nodulation on the smooth surface enables high-frequency performance.

Can you provide samples?

Yes, we can provide stand-alone samples of copper foil, but please note that it will be used as part of a copper clad laminate in actual usage.

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