Hyper Grain® “HG”Copper Foils with Enhanced Fine-pitch Capability


  • Recrystallized fine grain for better fine pitch wiring.
  • Excellent circuit linearity and affinity for soft-etching patterning.
  • Excellent handling ability due to high stiffness regardless of the foil's thinness.
  • High elongation property due to homogeneous deformation without constriction, resulting in superior bendability.

Application Examples

Concept of this Material – Fine pitch capability -

  • Linearity and soft-etching are superior because of its recrystallized fine grain.
  • The combination of HG and BHM surface treatment is the most suitable for leading-edge fine line applications.

Technical superiority compatible with fine-pitch capability

  • HG has good flexibility because of its uniform elongation.



What are examples of applications?

Hyper Grain® "HG" copper foils have been adopted in FPCs for high-frequency applications and fine pitch circuit patterning uses.

What are the differences from competing products?

As a material for FPCs, HG can achieve superior bendability and excellent circuit linearity.

What makes HG capable of performing its function?

Its recrystallized fine grain.

Can you provide samples?

Yes, we can provide stand-alone samples of copper foil, but please note that it will be used as part of copper clad laminate in actual usage.

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