Sn-Cu-PET Foil for Electromagnetic Shielding


Sn-Cu-PET is a composite material combining rolled copper foil and PET film. It is lightweight and has excellent shielding properties at high frequencies and good heat and corrosion resistance due to tin plating on the copper foil surface.

Application Examples

Features of Sn-Cu-PET Foil

Hot-melt Adhesive Type

Double-sided Tape Type*contact us for thickness change

  • Sn-Cu-PET (hot-melt adhesive type) has been adopted for cables on vehicles.
  • JX has started providing samples of Sn-Cu-PET (double-sided tape type).

Shielding Effectiveness

Sn-Cu-PET foil has excellent EMI shielding effect in wide range frequencies.

Shielding effect
(KEC Method, 100MHz~)

Thanks to its high conductivity, Sn-Cu-PET shows better shielding performance, especially in high frequency range.

Weight Comparison

Sn-Cu-PET is very lightweight rolled annealed Cu foil (8μmt) tape for EMC shielding.

Salt spray test

Sn-Cu-PET foil has excellent resistance to heat and corrosion, so it can be used in various environments.

Sn-Cu-PET Foil for Electromagnetic Shielding

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