Sn-Cu-PET Foil for Electromagnetic Shielding

Application Examples

Features of Sn-Cu-PET Foil

Hot-melt Adhesive Type

Double-sided Tape Type*contact us for thickness change

  • Sn-Cu-PET (hot-melt adhesive type) has been adopted for cables on vehicles.
  • JX has started providing samples of easy handling Sn-Cu-PET (double-sided tape type).

Shielding Effectiveness

Sn-Cu-PET foil has excellent EMI shielding effect in wide range frequencies.

Shielding effect
(KEC Method, 100MHz~)

Thanks to its high conductivity, Sn-Cu-PET shows better shielding performance, especially in high frequency range.

Weight Comparison

Sn-Cu-PET is very lightweight rolled annealed Cu foil (8μmt) tape for EMC shielding.

Salt spray test

Sn-Cu-PET foil has excellent resistance to heat and corrosion, so it can be used in various environments.

Sn-Cu-PET Foil for Electromagnetic Shielding

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