3D-formable Sheets for Electromagnetic Shielding


JX’s EMC shielding sheet is formable into various shapes thanks to the superior flexibility of its Cu foil.
This product is applicable for insert molding processes to make plastic casings with excellent EMC shielding properties. It can cover a wider noise range and is lightweight due to the combination of a thin metal layer and a plastic layer.

Application Examples

  • These sheets add high shielding capabilities to casing components in mobility solutions such as EVs, where metals have been replaced by plastics.
  • Lightweight sheets protect drone sensors with high shielding performance.

Benefits for Customers

  • A very lightweight shield sheet made of a composite material composed of resin film and copper foil.
  • Exhibits high electric and magnetic field shielding effect in a wide frequency range.
  • Can be molded into various shapes and cover the entire noise source without gaps.
  • Several kinds of resin films can be chosen according to the application.

Shield Sheet

3D Molding Examples

Features of Electromagnetic Shield Sheet

  • Exhibits magnetic field shielding effect of at least 30 dB in the frequency band of 500kHz or more. (Measured by KEC method).
  • Very lightweight shield sheet due to resin film and copper foil composition.

Demonstration of Electromagnetic Shielding Performance with 3D-Formable Sheet


What are the differences from competing products?

JX’s product has a unique copper layer that is durable for 3D formation and offers excellent shielding effects at low frequencies (kHz range).

What makes it capable of performing these functions?

Our treated rolled copper foil has flexibility and does not crack after 3D formation.

Can you provide samples?

Yes, we can provide this material in sheet form. If customers need shielding cases, we can also introduce partners to fabricate such products.

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