EMC Shielding for Mighty Shield® / Hybrid Shield Sheet


Electromagnetic wave shielding sheets that combine films, magnetic materials, and highly flexible copper foils can shield electromagnetic waves over a wide range from low to high frequencies.

Application Examples

Plastic Housing


Shielding Case

Benefits for Customers

  • JX’s shielding materials can cover a wide range of frequencies thanks to the combination of copper foil and film or a magnetic layer.
  • Mighty Shield® has superior formability and is applicable to plastic housing.

EMC shielding effect

Features of JX’s EMC Shielding Materials

  • JX can suggest the most appropriate type of material for each customer’s needs. 
  • Applicable forming process : Mighty Shield®→ insert molding, hybrid type 2 → bending. 
Hybrid Type2 Mighty Shield® (3D formable Shielding sheet)
Material Constitution Cu + Mag. Cu + Plastic Film
Magnetic Element Rich N.A.
Shield Effect @Low Frequency 100kHz~ 500kHz~

Demonstration of Electromagnetic Shielding Performance with 3D-Formable Sheet


What are the differences from competing products?

JX’s product has a unique copper layer that is durable for 3D formation and offers excellent shielding effects at low frequencies (kHz range).

What makes it capable of performing these functions?

Our treated rolled copper foil has flexibility and does not crack after 3D formation.

Can you provide samples?

Yes, we can provide this material in sheet form. If customers need shielding cases, we can also introduce partners to fabricate such products.

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